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New Year wishes!

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Dear Knights,

2016 is coming closer to its end.

What are your wishes for 2017, be it in-game or in real life?

Just share with us your wishes and your in-game  userID!

3 players who participated will win 200 gems, based on the realism, creativity or funny side of their wishes!

You have until Monday 2nd January 2017 at 12pm (UTC+1).

Good luck!

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Real life: 2016 has taken enough talented people so plz be gentle 2017.. there's always Trump if you need a sacrifice!

Ingame: Reaching the current cap in token upgrades in 2017.. and all the updates i posted in the suggestions thread:p.

ID: DrMacabr3

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Things I wish for the new year:

Reach 80+ kills in a boss hunt

Reach floor 500 by February 

Figure out how to organize my time better

Hang out with an old friend of mine I haven't seen for years 

And, most importantly, that I would finally finish the past years resolutions

IGN: smiles! :)

PlayerID: BA4923C6

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* Spend under an hour every day online, though this could be harder than I thought because I don't know how to tell time.
* Use a lot more deodorant and wash my clothes much less often.
* Attend comic-con dressed like a Klingon.
* Find that manual and actually read it.

* Max out my knight upgrades. Currently at 930. 

Chemicai, 29DE0402

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real life : i hope my wife will give me a good son !! ... the 1 or 2 january 2017 i think !!!

game life : hope to have a ranked and boss hunt season with different quality ! and i hope my adventurous essamay wll not die more.... :)



Edited by essamay

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In 2017 I wish...

for a little more cash, I'd like to start hitting 6 digits
for a little more love, I'd like to put away past grudges and make a few more friends
for a little less stress, I'm putting a bit too much in things that mean too little
for a little less strife, all these senseless bombings and killings, the world is big enough for all of us

As for NonStop Knight...

More weapons in the shack, something that does more than just a big attack.
Something for the off-hand to wield, like another weapon or a shield
Buffs for your pet, like the ability to merge or empower your wep
higher level reward, so your hardcore players don't get bored


that's all I got, Happy New year to you all when it comes :)


BerserkerRaj (F0C7BC9A)

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