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Monster hunter!

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Dear Knights,

Time has come to kick off a good year by rolling over a few monsters!

Your challenge

  • In 24 hours, kill as many monsters as possible!
  • Send us a screenshot of your stats showing the current "time played" and "enemies killed".


  • Current "time played" has to be 24h max. 
  • You have until Thursday 5th January 23:59 UTC+1

Don't forget your in-game userID!

Good luck and happy hunting!

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328K enemies in 23h58m



More enemies killed than last time.. and almost the same amount of smashables.. i kept Grouchy as a pet instead of Dag this time because i feel that the higher attack speed helps with clearing/teleporting faster. Won't try to improve this.. i got grande and baron before lvl 200 so that was lucky imo.


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