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Boss Hunt Card Upgrades

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Do the card upgrades you get from boss hunts affect other boss hunts because they are displayed as if they do but i never notice their effects? I notice the little notice at the bottom saying "[!] These Upgrades last only for the current boss hunt." but it shows every one from past boss hunts so just wondering is all

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2 hours ago, Alysea said:

You purchase the cards and can use them for yourself but their effects apply to everyone in the Boss Hunt. :)

Suggestion for the shop during bosshunts:

* Anything for sale in the shop is also shared with the 9 other ppl in that bosshunt.

OR disable the shop entirely in bosshunt

OR Change the deals when in bosshunt mode to group based rewards just like the cards.


some of these changes might need an increase in number of bosses needed to be killed..

since the new changes from a few weeks ago any bosshunt joined from the start is finished within the hour for me.. maybe let it keep going instead of stopping at 300? and add some more rewards IF you break more than 30-50-100 levels ontop of the initial 300?


just my 2 cents on trying to make bosshunt even better.

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