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Sunmary: Unsolve Issues / Bugs since last 2 months

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Following show the 4 unsolve issues for veteran players:
1) TTT gold bug - once u reached TTT gold this is the end of game, u cant proceed further . The gold amount will become infinity and all the game progress will not be save or revert back to level 1
2) Coin gain / coin upgrade - coins drop from monster need to be recode. Once u reached higher level, even with maximum knight coin upgrade or pet coin gain it do not even provide 0.00001% of coins for your max weapon upgrade.
3) Pet shards from maxed 5 star pets - we are still able to get pet shards from a maxed pet and it will be convert into small amount of gold (same as 1 ads box). And now you guys are keep introducing new pets with pointless stat may i know how can we max the new pet with this logic??
4) Leaderboard issue -  leaderboard ranking do not update correctly. Our top score only appear in our individual phone

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