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Whirlwind and Void instant damage

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So basically what I've noticed is that even if I can stand 8 mobs attacking me for several seconds without any loss of health whatsoever, if I happen to use void or to use whirlwind (while running so I hit multiple mobs), my health goes to 50% or lower. I noticed this on today's boss hunt, since in normal playthrough I never ever use any powers (the game just encourages weapon damage). It feels like each mob hits me 2-3 or more times instantly when I use those skills (that's around 20+ instant hits), which is odd and not descibed on the skill use. On some occations I can even kill myself using whirlwind through a group of 8 mobs, and no, my armor isn't low, I take 0 damage from normal hits if I use no skills.

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