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  1. 1. Should cards be automatically applied after a set duration?

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    • No
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With the lack of participation from a lot of players during a Boss Hunt, other players aren't getting the full benefit of pushing content. This is primarily due to players who barely move during Boss Hunts.

Should Milestone cards automatically apply after a set duration?

I personally feel that this would improve the Boss Hunt, allowing active players to get further, instead of stalling everyone out.

As it currently stands, I've yet to finish another Hunt. I've completed exactly 1. I'm nearly a knight. This is pathetic.

Penalize useless players, or apply the cards for them.

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I'm bumping this topic, because a year later, the problem still persists.

Choose them at random. Completely remove the player from the equation.

Pass a milestone, choose 10 random cards and apply them. No more inactive players ruining it for everyone else. They can collect their personal rewards later.

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