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Titan Code Thread for new players

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 BXYEDW available until 09.12

Ign: seelview

I'd like to add that the last day that I did not connect to this game was the day before I started playing..so newcomers, if you want your daily titan points, use my code...if you do it you will also win the lottery and find your true love within 72 hours.

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I'm not going to just offer the code. Although here it is:


All beginners who use this code, you can write to me personally (I'm General TOP 3 Alliance in the World). And I'll be ready to help with tips, secrets and tactics.


To take advantage of my help, just use the code HFPEF (remember him and a better record). Then You will be in my team, and I will see Your nick in the list.





Я не буду просто предлагать код. Хотя вот он: HFPEF
Все новички, кто воспользуется этим кодом, могут писать мне лично (я Генерал ТОП3 альянса в Мире). И я буду готов помочь советами, секретами и тактикой.

Чтобы воспользоваться моей помощью, просто используйте код HFPEF (запомните его, а лучше запишите). Тогда Вы будете в моей команде, и я увижу Ваш ник в списке.

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                   >>>>> Valid code, refreshed every morning (Edited: 27 April 2017) <<<<<


                           Game name   ✶Gammal✶   General of  HeR0eS

        Alliance ranked 36, no real money donation rule imposed on members

  My Level 112 ranked 4 and growing. Always active, ever vigilant. Link with me!!



Edited by Gammal

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Leader of "Titans Of Olympia" as a unique code of honour, "ZTGACLE" we are recruiting also in our second week with a Gold shield, rank 700 and climbing, clash with titans and lets bring wrath every week, for olympia!


Titans Of Olympia via LINE APP

sol.jah line id

Edited by SolJah
Add line id

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