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How do I fuse weapons?

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30 minutes ago, DoliRock said:

Just wondering how to fuse weapons once they are maxed out?

Hello @DoliRock

If a weapon has been fully maxed-out (so if you reached level 60 on a 6-star weapon), you have reached the maximum level on that weapon and do not need to fuse it.

However, if you reached level 30 on your 3-star MG 5.56 (I'm taking a random example here), then you need to tap on the "Fuse" button and select three 3-star weapons in order to unlock the 4th star on your MG 5.56.

If you do not have spare weapons with the required star-level in your inventory, nothing will appear on the right side of the screen. If you do have at least one spare weapon with the required star-level, it will be listed in the right side of the screen for you to select.

We also have a fairly old thread with more details here.

Any more questions about fusing weapons, let us know ;)

- Nikko

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Hi all,

Thank you for your report on the workshop interface not displaying anything when trying to fuse a weapon. We are aware of this problem and we currently investigating to find out why this is happening.


This is the new weapon rarity system:



Weapon Rarity

Weapons now have a rarity level ranging from common to legendary. Each rarity level will have a color code and will give bonuses to increase specific weapon stats such as its damage, velocity, cooldown time, spread, heat, etc…

Common = grey

Uncommon = green

Rare = blue

Epic = Purple

Legendary = Orange

Each star rating has a chance of dropping any of the above tier (i.e. a Legendary 1-star MG 5.56 or a Rare 5-star AC20) and the bonuses will be relevant to the weapon type (i.e. you won’t get faster reload bonuses on an MG).


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18 hours ago, Nikko said:



ai ai ai.....  it's all gray..... :)


joking....  but I did scrap one blue and one green....



thank you very mucho.

Edited by diehard

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