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FAQ Update 1.9.5

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Hello everyone,

Below you can find information about the changes that were implemented in the update 1.9.5.

We made some improvements in the Pet system

Collecting pet shards will now unlock a temporary coin gain buff called the Gold Booster. How does it work?

  • The GOLD BOOSTER is available if you are the happy owner of at least one Pet.
  • If you have at least one Pet the Booster progress bar will show up.  Depending on your number of shards the button will switch to ACTIVATE or UPGRADE
  • The progress bar fills-up as you collect Shards.
  • Every Gold Booster 'Level-up' extends its duration or increases the coin gain Bonus.
  • It is possible to accumulate more than the needed number of Shards. For example, the bar could be at 95/50 and will be shown as full until the player chooses to Upgrade.
  • When tapping the upgrade button, the Shards are consumed, the buff levels up, and overflow Shards are kept for the next upgrade. In the case above, the 50 shards needed to upgrade would be consumed, and the remaining 45 would count towards the next upgrade. if the buff is on cooldown, active, or a ready state, upgrading it will reset the cooldown timer to 0 and let you activate it again!
  • If the buff was active when you reactivated it, the previous buff is lost and the new one is applied instead. 

As you can see it is important to collect every single Shard, because it helps you get a more powerful Gold Booster

New Boxes

Also, new Boxes await you: The Gigabox and Nonstopbox are now available, both allow you to get a bunch of shards to help you level up!

Revamped Pets

We also want to introduce to you the newly Revamped Pets!

  • This means from now on some Pets will be reworked to have a special purpose! Each of them have special skills that might be very useful to your Knight! Every Pet is unique and original and might support you in a different in-game tasks. (e.g. Fighting Minions spammed by a Boss)
  • Beginning from the Update 1.9.5 the following Pets will have been revamped: Dag, Jawsters, Stumpy and Ghosty. Revamping of more Pets will follow with upcoming updates.

Changed Pets' overview

  • From now on you can very easily have an overview of your pet collection. Now it’s much easier to see which Pets you have at a glance!
  • Pets dynamically reorder themselves based on their level: all 5-stars Pets first, followed by 4-stars Pets and so on.
  • The equipped Pet is highlighted with a gold frame.
  • The Pets progress bar is blue. It turns green in the moment the Pet is ready to upgrade, and orange when a Pet reaches maximum level.

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