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Let's remind Flare Games and Klass Kersting CEO and Founder that we pay the bills and they work for us! 

It's time for Dry JULY make no purchases for the entire month of July! 

If you want to have a voice and be able to effect REAL change then support this endeavour. 

Or Flare will continue to take your money and continue to scam you. 

All those who are too broke to pay to play continue to STFU and do nothing. 

Generals let your blessings run out for the entire month of July. 

Power to the People! 


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I am playing this game nearly an year now. To be honest, I must say that I like the concept of the game and it is addictive. Because of the game, I got to know many players all around the world. 
Apart from that there is nothing else I (we) have achieved in this game. 

It is acceptable to buy gems during the play and I understand FlareGame must have a source of income. But now, FlareGame has intentionally push us to the point we have to buy gems  most of the time whether we like it or not. The reason is everything cost a lot in the game. 

As examples : to upgrade an alliance, to activate a blessing, to upgrade the ithican harbor, to start an Oddisy it requires hundreds of millionsof gold which is unaffordable with the limits of current daily donations. To get rid of this situation the FlareGame has to consider about the amount of gold which requires for above mentioned cost centers. 

Reducing the powers of heroes is another unacceptable thing which has done by FlareGame recently. I personally know almost everyone work hard to levelup their best heroes and when they get closer to the max levels of the heroes, FG reduced the heroes strength. 

Example : FG has reduced the strength of Athena around 50% which makes players disappointed. 

Though FG said that they did it for the balance of the game, we all know it's because of the players who use Athena don't use invocations most of the time and FG doesn't like that because they do not get any income. So they are pushing such players to the point to use invocations. 

As a full-time Olympus Rising player, I kindly request FlareGame to be fair on your pricing and the cost of activities. 

I suggest FG should consider on these points. 

- Increase the limit of daily donation. 
- Reduce the cost of gem packs. 
- Reduce the cost to activate the divine blessings. 
- Reduce the cost required to initiate a game in Oddisy. 
- Leave Athena as she used to be. 

Dear FlareGame, consider this game is a goose which lays golden eggs. Please don't try to kill it.!

King RAWANA (රාවණා)

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Is a fact of honor, flargames reduces attacks to force us to use invocations and consuming unnecessary gems and does so by changing the rules, acting in a non-serious way
Why should we give our money to those who are not seriously behaving?

I give my money to those who behave correctly

Edited by vasudeva1

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Flare Games (FG) could have done so much more with this game. Instead they use the same base engine found also in other of their games and make another "Odyssey" stage.

Well the Odyssey is a adventure and not another overpriced one person war, where the angry mob runs around and destroys gates! Right!? Right!? NO, big fail....

I mean how many Mount Olympus are there whose gates are to be destroyed, OMG the absurdity. 

This is not the first time FG has tempered with the stats and stuff in the game and they won't stop there, obviously they need/want money.

Therefore, after this war, when I use up already bought gems, I am deleting the game entirely, and I think all should do that.

Not just one month!

Are you insane? They won't change, its their business model, if the old sheep goes, there will be new sheep to milk.... there are enough insane people on this world to spend some money LOL

It is not that big loss too, considering the boring and repetitive game play with virtually no story behind it.




Edited by makedonin

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Odyssey is a enormous grind considering the buffs are permanent its understandable, its design to shut us up and keep us busy, I wonder if anything new will come up after this, the costs are absurd and its another copy paste of the same game play.

Get creative and innovate soon before is too late.  Where are those programmers that made this, call them to trow at us something good, there are good ideas on forum also.

The game has 20.000 active players, I approximate, listen to us before this cash cow will stop spitting out money


Edited by Gammal

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It is a frustrating game with disgusting experience, everything is done to foster that it defends and frustrates those who attack to force the player to spend even more money on gems, invocations and blessings
If they want more money if they have to deserve it and have to give a quacer of balance and not reduce the power of the attacker as in the case of Athena
Since they want to continue with their business policy, do not even give them a penny and put them on bread and onions

And anyway the fact that developers ignore us makes it clear that they are just interested in making us spend more money

Put the comments and feedback on google play, app store and windows store


Edited by vasudeva1

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