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Update 2.0

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Your "improvements" to these pets have made them all worse.  Please revert those changes, and get rid of gold boost.  These changes are more than useless.  At least unlock new upgrades for the knight.  I am sitting on 1.97 trillion tokens that I cannot use for anything.  This game is getting less and less enjoyable with each new change.

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1 hour ago, Hayato said:

I now have 6.65 trillion tokens that I can't use for anything!!!:lol:

I wonder if we could make them buy them back from us? Or maybe eBay?

Who knows...they may even reply with a sensible answer one day.

Who am I kidding !

All I will say, if there are any relatively new players reading this...DO NOT SPEND MONEY on this game.

You will get to a certain level where the coins max out and you have tokens you can't use.

They continue to do nothing.



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