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Need some expert advice for leveling up cannons

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I have the following, what should I do?

Epic 1* 50mm, power 10482

level 1- dmg 1624

level 10- dmg 2181

Epic 3* 40mm/70, power 10003

level 1- dmg 2741

level 8- dmg 3911

some of you have the smarts to figure out the ratio of leveling vs power vs damage, etc of which I do not.  Then there's the kerfufel of damage having different effects across weapons. What should I do?  On the surface it looks like the 40mm would end up being way more powerful with the negative being one less clip size which equal 3 less shots per mission. But then will the 50mm be more powerful in the long run after fusing to higher stars, etc?

Help a brotha out. Lol

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The 50mm one will alway be weaker than the 40mm. The only thing that affect the damage output/level is the rarity, and they are both epic.

You'll have more shots with the 50mm, but weaker than the 40mm if they are both level 60.

But the 50mm is faster to reload and have a better fire rate, so you should consider this too.

My personnal opinion is that the 50mm is better, it is a bit weaker but upgraded it'll still do a ton of damage.

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4 minutes ago, whiskeywarchild said:

Well there's only a day left before the great forum shut down so. Oh well

We won't be able to create new threads but you'll still be able to reply to those already created 

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