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Version 1.1 now live! Improvements & Balancing Update

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Hi all,

Update 1.1 is now available to all players and should be downloaded automatically. If it does not download the new version automatically (it sometimes happens), you should still be able to force-download it from the app store.

For this first update, the team focused on improving the amount of resources you can get from the Daily Quests Rewards and the Zombie Defense mode which now gives two new resource crates instead of weapon crates. You will still need space at the Armory to get those new crates however you will be able to open them straight away at no cost.

The amount of resources collected from the Daily Quest Rewards and Zombie Defense mode varies based on your rank.

We also improved some of the interfaces to make the navigation easier or clearer, reduced the health of Impalers, fixed several issues, improved the design of some maps and balanced scenario difficulties.


Here the full list of changes implemented with this update:


  • Decreased health of Impalers
  • The health of buildings in campaign 2 has been slightly increased in easy difficulty
  • The health of buildings has been doubled in medium difficulty and tripled in hard difficulty
  • The damage output of towers has been increased in medium and hard difficulties
  • Scenario “Airmail” now has the same layout in all difficulties
  • A zombie spawner has been added to scenario “Scorched Earth” so zombies don’t clutter when appearing
  • The countdown in scenario “Scorched Earth” has been changed from 180s to 120s


  • Rewards from the Daily Quests and Zombie Defense are now scaling based on the player rank
  • Zombie Defense mode now rewards players with two new crate types “Shelter” and “Garrison” that only contains resources (Supplies and Metal). Those crates will still require space at the armory to be obtained however they have no timer. You will be able to open them straight away.
  • The Shop button will now display a little “Play” icon to indicate when an ad video is ready to be watched
  • Crates and weapons skins have been improved
  • The visual of several icons has been improved
  • The Workshop now arranges weapons in the new following order:
    • Equipped – Gunship slot order
    • Equipped – Troop slot order
    • Level (60 to 1)
    • Rarity (Legendary to Common)
    • Star rating
  • Music and sound FXs have been polished and audio volumes have been balanced
  • Some weapons such as the AC30 or SNPR 20 now have the right weapon skin

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented language settings to be saved when closing / resuming the game
  • Fixed an issue with video ads not giving rewards if the access to the Internet was lost while the video was playing
  • The description of the cannon 40mm /70 has been rectified
  • Titans now appear during scenario “Hat Trick” in easy difficulty
  • Fixed an issue with the player rank displaying 0 when Wifi connection was lost
  • Fixed an issue that let players tap on both the filter and scrap button, causing the Workshop to display both state
  • Fixed an issue that caused an empty notification message to appear after buying resources when having full storage
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Power stat to momentarily display the next star rating Power while fusing
  • Fix an issue with the multi-selection feature at the Workshop
  • Fix a bug that prevented players from buying Gold after having resumed the app
  • Fix some issues with the zombie pathfinding during Zombie Defense mode

If you wish to share your feedback on this update with us, please feel free to post them in the General or Suggestion sections of this ZGS forums.

- Nikko

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