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Server maintenance during war????

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Hello flaregames,


What the hell you did flaregames sudden server maintenance?? I was in war raid and it happened suddenly and due to it I lost those skulls and cof and we was very close in the war and due to it we will loose the war 😞. Why you did it?? You may gave us time before server maintenance. It's very very bad 👎. Now i dont want to hear anything .I want compensation 😒




Thank you 😒

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1 minute ago, Bosa said:

Are you sure guys that is server maintenance? Usually flare informed about it. Now was no info. Lots of ppl have a problem with connection. There is only "check your internet connection" on screen 


Yep, at 15:50 German time it quoted "Maintenance", now it is only "check your internet connection.

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If indeed the server(s) crashed because of the Pro-League someone clearly did not stress test the system properly.

(Anyway, good to see I am not the only one having connection issue's. Me, I did not even see any announcement of "maintenance".)

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