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Captain Morgan's Glorious Gem Giving Greek God Goodies Guessing Game

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You play well, mortals.

The version is now released and, as you can see in-game, the correct answers were:

  • Tower: I had an ancient monument built for me to celebrate victory over the attacking forces of Cyprus.
    • Helios Monolith: The Colossus of Rhodes was built to celebrate victory over Cyprus. Built in the image of Helios, the sun.
  • Power: I will declare your fame far and wide! I WILL DECLARE YOUR FAME FAR AND WIDE!
    • PhemeThe personification of fame, Pheme would repeat what she learned, beginning quietly, then getting louder and louder each time.

4 mortals managed to get both answers right so, since I'm in a comparably good mood today I will be awarding all 4 of you the top prize of 500 Gems.

Congratulations to those of you wise enough to crack both of my riddles:

  • <.: HADES :.>
  • ✨KET888✨
  • k0rtiz0n
  • Tomaxolympus

Everyone else who took part can take consolation in the fact that I'll also throw 100 Gems in the general direction of each of you who responded to the quiz.

The following people still need to message me with their in-game name. Without it I cannot award you any Gems:

  • qwertyuioplkj
  • goddessjodi
  • Robso
  • Crazymooch
  • SisiphVs
  • NAPC
  • Nirolas

Everyone else should get the Gems today, if not drop me a message.

Happy slaughtering,
- Captain Morgan

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