I have an issue.

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Hello, everyone!

Before I begin, let me introduce myself. I'm iArash, and I've been playing DoS for only a rough 3 days, but I'm up to Rank 6! I'm active in the Global Chat at times, so you might know me, or not.

Here's the question that I came about. When looking to build something, I noticed that some Defense objects, such as the Tank Spawner and the Wedge Gun, were maximised (bought to the maximum number) when I hadn't bought one of any at all.

What should I do?

All answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for reading!

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There is a defense building overall total and an individual building total if that makes sense to you. See, the individual totals add up to more than the overall if you add them together. The overall allowable building availability per level limits count in an attempt to level gameplay. So it's fun for everyone hopefully. If you need more info let me know or if that doesn't make sense to you I'll try to do a better job explaining it. If you're looking for an Alliance I'm under RIIP hit me up!

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