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Display bug boosted buildings

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22 minutes ago, Stay0Puft said:

Yes it is, but the yellow bar isn't in proportion of the time remaining.

Ah i see indeed a big difference between the blacksmith and the farm, if there was a castle boost event i could understand the reason but strange it appears without.

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6 minutes ago, buttinette said:

Hello @Flothaboss,

I take this post for the same problem in the general view to up the buildings.

Indeed, the progress bar is not compliant (one is less full than the other, whereas it should be the opposite).


This might be normal.

If your bomb tower (the 1st one) is only 3 day long, then it's normal that the green bar is in the middle for 1d19h.

If your Snake tower took 7 days in total, it's normal that the bar is near the end when 1d20h are left.


It depends on the total time of your upgrade.

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