??? Why i get green card

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I wish to get some purple, legendary or maybe ultimate cards by booster... these days i got a green card @ booster with just blue & purple cards?!

I'm close to lvl 60 & i have just single legendarys & no ultimate cards. i used many of rare tokenz & got just many blues :-/ my pvp players get stronger & my deck cards lvl's stop growing :-(Screenshot_2017-10-01-22-34-49.thumb.png.33158bd3e0e2795f9c88258c273a507c.pngScreenshot_2017-10-01-22-34-43.thumb.png.5984ef8d5ef1dc4e69aff4f07f9d7bad.png

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Given the chance, I let someone else pick the card for me during random booster opening. It makes the card drawn more memorable. ^_^ 

It also help ease the pressure a little bit as card opening is always going to be random. I just make up for it with my card combos and by being active.

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