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Please WE WANT, WE NEED UPDATE FOR DOWN OF STEEL ... Italian Players ...  There are many players around the world who love this game ...  We trust you do not disappoint us .... !! Do not abandon the game ... Thank you !

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On 10/11/2017 at 12:59 AM, Berseker01 said:

there are a lot of players that use this game and they love it. Some one bought influence. Its not right to stop to developed the game.

We know that but after they release it in October 2015 just few month later the team SUPERWEAPON quit and Flare decided to abandon this game like they did with many other like Wartide,Throne of Wars,etc... its Flare pattern. Create new game,after a while create others game and quit and abandon the previous one

Flaregames are the only company to act like this. They start something and forget it on the road....

Dawn of Steel had big potential and all to become a really great game.

I have reach the end at Level 30 when you click on upgrade they said  Coming Soon.... :( so all building level 31 to 35+ are unfinished

I don't know why Flare don't have change the team hands to allow someone to continue to work on it. Its not too late Flare can create a new team to work on it. I don't know why they don't do it. So money lost

PS : Point of view of business they should really think to create a new team to continue to work on this game. The people who will spend money in influence or something else can be huge. This game have all to become the best game of 2018 if they put some effort in it. So question of business Flare make a huge mistake to leave this game at this state

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There are still advertisements for Evoker in RR2 and sometimes. I`m pretty sure I have seen some for Dawn of Steel too. :P

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