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Pal Flute - Forum Contest!

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A conversation overheard in a kingdom near you....


BeastTammy talking beast howl....


Ya ever notice everytime those kings show up they run around the back of you and stick their noses in your butt?


Yeah its weird? my little brother said they have a spell so they can do it to him too.


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Bunny Bun is my favourite pal,

Long cute ears, they put  me in tears.

Pal Flute spell makes it the best,

I will hold it close to my chest.

Bucky beast is throwing eggs,

Cracking opponents' heads. 

You won't find a better pal,

All you need is Bunny Bun.


ign: emgiee1

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After king discovered pals, he became power with his pets in offence as well as defence, but as he gain more experience he found that other kings are even more power and they also got beast in their defence.So, king thought What if he can transform his pal in a beast? What if he can make his pal a big destruction machine? So he went to wizard Tower there he found a score which taught him spell to transform his beast just for short time, which is enough to anhilate enemies troop. Now, the pals are Kings strongest friend in offence. Now, he can fullfil his greed(his dream) of conquiring the world and be the strongest on all, 

In simple mean, A Legend like 

#MasterE  or  #77lotc   or #Flothaboss


In-game name:- abhijot

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I love Phoebe pal

Its beast form is the best i have seen.celestial Phoebe is amazing and I am doing fun raids with it.

When I started my raid, all my troops are on the battlefield along with Phoebe,and at the u turn almost all my troops died and scattered with the enemy wolf howl ,but my Phoebe doesn't ,it sticked to my back and never left me alone.Phoebe is a god to me as it cast blessings and a god of war as it beast form celestial Phoebe casts Armageddons .

I love Phoebe with pal flute spell 



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Today its 1st summer day of the year. Well, it may not be a special day for everyone but it is for me and my kaiser.
Ah, to understand this we need to move 2 years back in time. Back then i was not the king, i just used to be a  lonely wanderer in the dense northern rainy forest, spending my days hunting, jumping from tree to tree, staying awake at night not to be the prey of the wild werewolfs, creepy mummies, brainless ogres or evil grotesque. Life was harsh without a home and lonely without a friend. I dont remember about my birth, the last human thing that i remember was a witch saving my life from a horde of hunting wild werewolfs and i fell into the river stream.I still see some darkened faces smiling at me in my dreams but i cannot figure out how they look. Years kept on passing like this when i comprehended the path to the south leading to the castle city.
On the first summer day when i woke up i saw a big green cat like beast chasing me and i run to save my life till i heard a tiny old women calling from its back asking me to wait. Granny as i referred her said she is going to the castle city to sell her wonderful weapons and armoury to the king. She offered me that if i help her in her way to the castle she would give me a legendary sword. I was delighted and agreed and found that the beast was quite friendly. She called the species as kaiser- the six legged cat. On reaching the outskirts of the city the beast gave birth to a baby kaiser with a broken left leg. The little kaiser couldnt be taken inside the city and is left back to reach its own fate, but i decided to keep it with me to help me someday. Granny went in the city giving me a wonderful legendary sword.

I trained my kaiser pal and it soon started to accompany me in raids to loot forign land . The little thing had great sense of smell and find out gold and also quite treacherous to destroy walls. Soon i gathered enough gold to raise a army among the skilled villegers living in the outskirts of the castle city. I decided to run though the dungeons and take control of the creepy beasts to save the villagers from their threat. I cleared the dungeons one by one and got stronger and made a considerably big army. The villagers started regarding me as the prince of the villages and were willing to take the castle city from the evil king under my lead. The village priest said me that i am the true hier to the royal throne and my parents were backstabbed and killed by the evil king. I was ready to take my revenge but i knew my resources were not enough to take down the rich city gates. Yet i was filled with hope and and anger of revenge and started invading the city gates. With the help of my monsters that i taken control of from the dungeons i almost cleared the land army but there was no way to destroy the heavy  castle towers. Until the city wizard decided to join me and he bought with him the knowledge of PAL FLUTE. He thought it to me and after rehearsing a lot i was finally able to convert my kaiser into a beast for short intervals. I used its heavy damage skills to take down the  heavy castle towers and finally entered the palace and captured the evil king. Since then people started to regard me as their prince kaiser became the royal pal. Happiness returned to the castle city and the neighbouring villages.

So probably you have understood whats special today in the first day of summer? Yes granny is returning to the kingdom with some pro and uber itemz this time.And soon i will create a massive army and move out for conquering the world with my kaiser and pal flute?✌️. Happy Hunting! 


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IGN - Captain Romeo Jack


our pal
bang bang
our hero
bang bang
our villain
bang bang
ultimate beast
bang bang
his name is kaiser
bang bang
kaiser the unleased beast
bang bang
gold saviour
bang bang
gold bonus 
bang bang
enemy base destroyer
bang bang
with the pal flute
bang bang
beast is released
bang bang
enemy gets afraid
bang bang
the best pal 
bang bang
is kaiser pal
bang bang
yo yo yo

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Bucky, the Pal, that hugs with affection,

its affection comes with shield for protection,

sheltering from damage with unlimited duration,

protecting your friends and comrades from annihilation.



No worry for snakes, as shield acts like medication,

Even for the burnt or frozen, shield will provide restitution,

It doesn't matter if it is one or few dozen in your unit formation,

Bucky will shield everyone with its mighty resolution.



Its reputation is often compared to Tammy, its competition,

But Tammy, unlike Bucky, is slow in regeneration,

Especially when one needs immediate attention,

Its shield instantly acts like a secondary health in addition.



Despite its cuteness as one of its attraction,

It has a vicious side, one with much aggression,

With Pal Flute, it attacks and defends simultaneously with acute precision,

The only Pal that fits the description of perfection.


Ign: LacunaC


Edited by LacunaC

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Today, October 30, it's my birthday (B)), and I just received a flute as a gift.

I hasten to wake up all my companions and decide to take Tammy to accompany me to the fight. She, who is so sweet, so cute and with her amorous look, becomes cold, hateful eyes and clenched fists after glimpses this gift. Would the power of this flute have this bestial effect not everyone speaks?
Let's challenge ourselves and test this enchanting spell!

Accompanied by my knights, crossbowmen and cannons, Tammy always stays close to me and always takes care of my troops. A deep wound, a scratch, it is there to cure the small evils of our assault. Preserving life is his saying. Now that the defenders are intensifying the fight, it's time to call my spell.
Tammy always nervous next to me. I take my flute and I begin to play the first notes ... My infantry companions do not detect effects on them and remain their duel without being deafened by this melody. I shoot at each of my opponents and hoarse cries come behind me. I turn around and see a ferocious beast approaching quickly. The intensity of this flute is very bad. Any companion who hears these notes wants to destroy everything on his way. So sweet and cuddly, Tammy becomes a furious panda where all his fury is as blows that waltz our opponents while the ground trembles under our feet. The defenders succumb to the chaos and stay in place.

The key word of his attack then becomes a total destruction of the enemy.

This transformation is so stealthy that I can't believe it,, Tammy becomes in the blink of an eye the attentive panda that I like and come to help those who are hurt. I want to see this one last time before I reach the gate. My flute regen and is operational again. I then hear the first notes when I watch Tammy once again turn into a beast that is all on this way! A mass of muscles falls. The wounded disappear under the blue wave of our army. The fists sound on the doors of the gate. My helthly and busy troops finish the job by being one with this beast so demoniac! The victory is here!

Tammy resumes her so sweet and cheerful appearance after a few seconds of ephemeral metamorphosis. She is happy, jumps with joy thanks to this victory!

Even the nicest appearances, sometimes hide big monsters.


Thanks you KK for this event :) With my bad English, Google is my friend. I hope that is a good translation of my french text :rolleyes:

IGN : buttinette

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My favorite pet is Tammy, Tammy is my friend, I will not let him become a beast, no, never! It will always be my lovely baby!
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IGN:  Queen Susy 

"Ode to my faithful tammy"

Tammy is very sweet and thoughtful, wherever I go he follows me and in critical moments he is ready to help me and often to save my life.
But not enought! Now to the sound of the flute Tammy is ready to turn into a ferocius beast and hunt down the enemies! 
I love my little but big panda!  ?

Edited by QueenSusy

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Season 8

I went to the Arctic pole to to bring some ice for my kingdom as its very warm.(Well i held a secret ballad voting system to go to vote 1)North-The Arctic OR 2)South-The Antarctic? seriously ). My units died due to frost and i was lost there after a blizzard. Soon i got captured by the King of North : Jon Snow!? (can you believe it dude). He was kind enough not to kill me but sent me to the valley of the dead. 

Thats when i met the phoebe and it started to heal me constantly and defeated all the Northern Direwolfs. I came back to North and with the help of White walkers and phoebe pal took control of North. Daenerys Targaryen become my princess as i was hoping to use her dragons to bring the ice. But sadly she was so covered with fire all the time  and she melted all the ice?.

On coming back to my castle i asked the god of light to give me the power to save my people from Mother of dragons as she was very very hot. The god of light blessed me with PAL FLUTE and i used it on phoebe and phoebe became a beast and started spreading huge blessings to all the kingdom. With the help of pal flute and Phoebes awesome armagaddon I defeated The Lannisters, The Boltons, The Starks, The Baratheons, The Greyjoy, The Tyrells etc. 

Now hope U know who I am, but i still think u guessed wrong. So heres the twist, I am....... 








Sad to say this is the end of the story and sorry i just gave the season 8 spoilers. ???

In Game Name : Subhra Jeet 

Edited by Subhrajeet
story name added

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Whenever i call a beast with the flute
it has to be Kaiser, normally cute

but when he hears the old flutes sound
he thinks of granny he was hanging around

he was forced to hear music he didn't like
which makes his blood pressure still to spike

he is a strong beast when in that state
and hugely helps against kingdoms to take


IGN: Mogor Manus

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Another promanade in the park


The weather is sunny, so I decided to take little Eldrak for a walk in the park.

He jumps around, flaps his little wings but just can´t take off. So to cheer him up I started to play the flute and all of a sudden he transformed into a huge ballon and flying around. It is so much fun

We rumble through the woods and without knowing we headed to the enemy camp.

Luckily Eldrak Voraz cleaned the enemy in no time and we are save and sound.

IGN: Me King Me

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The Miracle of the Magical Flute!

Not so long ago, it was a peaceful time when human, panda shared this world. They helped each other to build the village, and protect each other from dark forces. One such village was named Thoubal. Pandas lived there. It was a beautiful place. The mountains, waterfalls, green landscape and the rivers made the place a heaven on Earth for all.


.... Far from this heaven, there was a King named Drakos, born with a gift of fire. He could control and manipulate fire at will. Everyone feared him. His hunger for power grew from childhood as he was never satisfied. He destroyed so many villages and made the villagers slave. Anyone stood against him was killed.

One day king's trusted informer brought the news of a hidden panda village. These pandas were no ordinary one, they were born with the gift of healing power. The king instantly realized the potential of having these pandas in his army. He will be invincible.

The King immediately ordered a full-fledged attack on Thoubal to capture these pandas. His army left no inches in the village. Entire village was burnt. All pandas were either captured or killed. Except.... except a little one..........


The smoke from the fire could be seen from far. The human from the nearby village rushed to Thoubal. But they could not find anyone. It was too late for them. Just when all hopes were lost, suddenly they heard a baby panda crying from inside a burning hut. Aziel, the leader from the human village rushed in and rescued the baby panda who was still holding a Flute. Looking at the smiling little face of the panda he decided to keep the baby panda with him. He named him Tammy and treated as own son.

Tammy was mischievous from childhood but lonely from inside. Somehow he could not fit into the human society. Many times he asked the question of his difference from other human kids, but Aziel always ignored it.


Life moved on....... and Tammy grew up faster.


Nothing lasts forever, even peace...Just when everyone thought that the dark time was over, King Drakos attacked the human village. King Drakos came to know about the Magical Flute! without which Pandas could never achieve their full potential. King's army was furious and villagers were badly outnumbered. Aziel knew what was coming next, so he asked Tammy to leave the village and save himself. But Tammy refused to run away and joined the fight.

They were no match against King's army who were getting healed by the panda slaves. Tammy got badly injured and at the verge of getting killed in the battle, one slave panda saved his life by throwing himself infront of the attacks directed for Tammy. Aziel rushed to save the panda.

On the deathbed, the slave panda revealed that he was the father of Tammy, what actually happened so many years ago that got them separated. He also told that now the only thing that could turn around the result of this battle was the Magical Flute! The person whom a panda trusted the most, could blow this Magical Flute! which would transform the panda into a mighty Beast to unveil the true potential.

Though tears were rolling through eyes, there was no time to mourn. Tammy stood up and asked Aziel to blow the Magical Flute! As the sound echoed through the valley, cute little Tammy transformed into a Mighty beast. Within moments he could heal any injury. His enormous power knocked down the King's army. Even the King's fire power could not stop Tammy. Enemy fled back leaving the slave pandas.

Finally the battle was over, it was time for family reunion. Tammy found his mommy, brother and sisters.....Finally it was time for peace. Tammy hugged his family and Aziel too......


.........clap.. clap.. clap... with all her excitement Athena starts dancing on the bed. This is the part of the story that she likes the most. No matter how many times she hears the same story. Tammy looked at her big eyes, smiled and said to himself no harm will ever come to you my daughter, I will always protect you........


IGN: Rahool007 

Alliance: Last Bread Fighter

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In defense I use Aki he's a little wacky.

In offense I use Aska, she's cool because she's from Alaska.

Pal flute isn't really a spell, it's just some radioactive Viagra dust that takes you to hell.



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Section 5B: Recount, first known use of Pan Flute spell

Second age of this world

 Heroes and Creatures in all realms came to a Magical Awakening as their lands were set siege upon by a mysterious dark menace. No one knew why, or how, and the high councils were perplexed. Almost overnight, fortifications and strongholds sprang up out of the darkness; these odd obsidian constructs stood as tall and strong as castles. It seemed only a matter of time before this darkness spilled over and threatened the good people of the realm. Sadly, this nightmare became reality. As all manner of murky beasts, snarling and ragged, crept out of the dark structures... the menace had awaken, war had begun.

 Magical creatures where summoned forth and forbidden spells set free. As both Hero and Creature joined forces in an attempt to save their kingdoms (a most powerful union indeed). In times of great need, the illustrious Wizards of the Wizard`s Tower will disimprison forbidden spells to aid in the fight, digging deep within the archives the secret Pan Flute spell was unchained. In addition, magical creatures which had lain dormant for century's where call upon to defend and protect their homelands. 

 The battle was fierce and raged on, hardships were great and times so dire. One of our bravest Heroes called upon Tammy (a peaceful Panda, well known for her magical mending) to aid in his quest. Yet a lingering concern haunted him, never had the pan flute spell been used in combat, he dared not use it for fear of its unchartered effects. But the campaign was murderous and the dark menace overwhelming. For when our Hero was in his most desperate hour and all hope was lost, he called upon the newly acquired spell. Winds whirled, the ground shook, and the skies darkened as sounds recoiled from the magic flute awakening the primal beast from deep within, transforming Tammy from a peaceful Panda into a raging beast. With the ravenous growl of a thousand rock beasts, Panda-beast smashed a path through their enemy's defenses; with every last ounce of strength they claimed their victory. Marveled by this new force and in awe of its power, they understood. If not for the help of their woodland friends and the good Wizards of the Wizards Tower, had they not combine forces, all would have been lost.

 Finally there was hope, once learned by heroes and heroines alike surely this new magic was enough to tip the tides of war, only time can answer this. Nonetheless, confidence was high for months after the encounter but there was little time for celebrations as many battles lie ahead. 

God save us all

Archmagister - 3.7.0


IGN: Nut Crunch 5000

Edited by Erich

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On 10/30/2017 at 5:22 AM, Stay0Puft said:

The king puts on his goldsuit
Time to call out the brute
He starts to blow on the palflute
Kaiser beast steps in resolute
Preventing even lightning towers to electrocute
GONG... Everything is down in a minute
Time for the loot to distribute

Great poem........one small flaw....minute is the only one that doesn't rhyme, B), it's cool though

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IGN: dinesh kumar.k

hi every one.

Pal Beasts came from a secret forest as you all know...

They turn out into Beasts when they feel angry,or feel something bad happens like Hulk Power....

When Pal Flute Activates Pals turns into Beasts without knowing them...But they act under control of who Activates that Pal Flute...

Hope you enjoyed the story...

my IGN: dinesh kumar.k

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Kaiser called castle

Kaiser can play as puzzle

Kaiser can be a KSer(Kill Stealer)

Kaiser turn to Papa KSer when the flute blew by the east wind

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The king and the Queen。。。 looked at the beast in the garden and said it.

”I would like to take the big beast that is larger than the small pal” 

But there are not enough breads to take a big beast. It's an invasion, not a circus!

So GRANNI gave the king and the Qeen  a  flute.

”Playing this flute will make your small Pal transforms into a big beast”

The King and the Queen。。。went aggressively carrying a small Pal gladly.

”I will invade this castle today!”

But While holding a sword, holding a cane,holding a shark,

What are the kings and the queen playing with the flute?。。。Beast will soon return to pal.

That is a new trial of the king and the queen...

While the king and the queen are crazy about such a thing。。。

”ROYAL REVOLT2” This game will be fun !

Edited by aslan

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Once upon a time a beautiful landscape where many pets were  living happy, they were playing and dancing together. One day, a dark strenght  wanted to destroy their life, the pets, wich had magic powers, decided to  trasform their  flute into a powerful  object able to trasform them intorno ferocious beasts so they could defended  themself. So, every time they played they flute  they were trasformed and  they menaged to establish they peace. 

IGN: ambra8

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Thrilling Tales of the Talented Tammy


The king had a pal who was best of the cabal,

and the best part was that he did not need any morale.


He was a panda named Tammy, and was so small and cute,

always healing his king and bashing the enemies brute.


The king was named Query who was unable to feed the appetite of his pet,

and Tammy did not grow much, and wondered how to repay the kind king's debt.


The king then called upon, all the sorcerers, warlords, and witches

they gave the king a magical flute, and said it would bring untold riches.


The king surprised Tammy and when he blew the magical flute,

Tammy grew into a beast so savage and made all the enemies mute.


Tammy was elated and pleased to help his king with all his might,

Both grew inseparable and won every fight.


IGN: Query unanswered

Alliance: War of the undead

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The Phoebe one is considered the wonderful one

Though when reconsidered with pal flute, it's the powerful one

Yet as it becomes tamed, and back to masters hand

It changes its aim, to defend the kings land

Why Phoebe, one may ask

For its beauty, is beyond its task.


Ign: Strong soon

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fluffy pal IRMGARD used to be bullied at pals school for being cute and and with low healing powers. Other pals were laughing, even Tammy didn't want to be friends with IRMGARD because his heals were too weak. The IRMGARD didn't understand what is wrong with him. He never liked healing, he wanted to be strong like Kaiser or Howl, but he couldn't learn any abilities at pal school beside the weak heal he had learned in the first year. So the days turned to weeks and weeks to months and months to years, and the IRMGARD felt his potential is not being used and he was sick of all the bullying around the school. Then one evening, as IRMGARD was training in the forest at tree knocking. (even pals get cold sometimes and need a campfire) and old wizard passes by. He stops to watch and sees all the anger and desparation in IRMGARDS eyes. He is the guard  and watcher of the realm and knows the little pals by heart, he knows the story of IRMGARD.  The fluffy bear trying so hard to succed reminds him of himself in youth, when he was learning the ways of magic. The wizard has many trophies and relics from battles fought so he decides he could help out to IRMGARD, and after a long night chat by campfire with the bear he gives him one of his relics - the Magical Flute. Every time IRMGARD used flute he became empowered - huge and strong. This boost of confidence improved his knocking ability and gave it a hardcore blunt damage aswell. Now noone was laughing at pal school, IRMGARD had become strongest of all pals within one night.

Learning of the story? With hard work and dedication, and little help from strong wizard you can achieve alot! :D


IGN(rr2) - mikado the fool

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