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DK: UNITED REALMS level 42, english, goal: top 400 and 40 fiefdoms

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Dear new member,

I like to introduce you to our alliance: DK: UNITED REALMS

Alliance name: DK: UNITED REALMS
Alliance level: currently level 42
Won fiefdoms: 32
Gold boost: 31%
Position: 488 (as of 6-11-2017)
Permanent Boosts: Blazing knight, Storm canon, Ogre, Wolf and Barricade. (In previous war we won: Dragon froster, Gargouille nest and surprice mummy)
Spoken language: English mainly

This alliance was once started as sister alliance of Danish Knights (a top 100 alliance) so we could help new players get better and stronger so they would be able to join Danish Knights. Today this is still the case, with the only difference that we’re way more than just a school for more experience. Currently we have a group of 40+ active players who play side by side in wars and events, are always open for questions and welcome feedback. As we’re progressing into a stronger alliance, aiming to grow stronger together and going up the ranks (currently almost at the magical line of top 500) we like to add a few new active players.

Are you an active player, looking for an alliance to win in wars, active in every event, happy to help others and a overall kind person? (maybe join Danish Knights later on, or just stick with us, cause we’re awesome)

We are looking for you! We want to get more achievements together and also like to have fun. We understand that everyone once started at level 1 and as we value loyalty; this will work both ways. We don’t mind helping you get stronger as well! So to make things fair and in line with what we want as alliance we set up a bare minimum requirement and take things from there.

Hero level 65 or higher
Donate daily with at least 75k
Active daily in war, events and chat

Willing to join us in our awesome leap to the top? Ready to raid like old Vikings of old did? Join us in our campagne to awesomeness and more. Contact one of the leaders and hopefully I’ll soon see you chat like the little wildling you are =)

Just apply  on our alliance page by searching DK: UNITED REALMS 

Or contact one of our leaders:
Walle The King
vaibhav roy Thakur
ӕk Jr.
Skygge Hunden

Thanks for your time and see you soon in game!


Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1055699717814609/

Recruitment page Danish Knights:

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As a small addition to what I wrote above:

Right now we have climbed up in the alliance leaderboards at position 447, we were 2nd in the last war and won another 3 fiefdoms and also won 2 warboosts

Still looking for those very active members to join us =)

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Last war was incredible! We won a staggering number of skulls and took up some great battles. The Indonesian squad was still a league too far for us, but we're getting there and once again took the second place winning another 2 fiefdoms in the process together with 2 war boosts! 

last war.png

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A new update in our alliance progress: A few players left us to joiin our big alliance Danish Knights. We also leveld up the alliance to level 47. By doing so we made up a lot of space for new members to join us. We currently (still) have 7 open positions and as your reading this you must be eager to join us too! Come find us in the game and join us in the next war! (In the past few weeks we have unlocked a new beast and leveld up some others)


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Hi guys, here again to post something about our recent activity. The war before we had lost, opponents were just a bit too much, but we ha it coverd last war. We won and a you can see we got 5 fiefdoms extra and will have 3 boosts on top of the 5 permanent boosts. At the moment we are on 406 is alliance standing so really getting close to our set goal. With these 5 extra fief's we have a total of 42 now. We're doing really well and could do even better if you joined. So just search DK: United Realms and apply to join us!


If you don't qualify (yet) feel free to search for jyden, here you will find our youngster training alliance for anyone who's interested to learn more about the game and join DK:UR later on once your all set to join us!


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