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Dominion - LEVEL 75 ALLIANCE - Requirements: Hero lvl 105+ and 1,000,000+ Donation

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Alliance Name: Dominion


If you meet the requirements, sending me a friend request is the best way to be put under consideration for entry to the alliance.


Rank fluctuates between #25-#50

We are looking for active, communicative players that meet our requirements of: hero level 105+, 1,000,000+ donation, 3750+ trophies, and 20% skull perk.

We have both the pro healing tower and pro firebolt tower boosts at level 4 and active 24/7.


We have lots of languages within the alliance, so as long as you are willing to communicate in your language, you are welcome. (Main language is English)

If you become a valuable long-term member, there is every chance for you to become a general.

IGN: Bobo the Mighty - Dominion General

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