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Live Server Update - 11 January 2018

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Hello Kings & Queens!

Today we had a live server update with the following changes:

  • Reduced the Mass Hysteria confusion probability by 30% on every level
  • Fix the multiple mailbox messages bug
  • Added Stun Power to the spell of the Eris Pal and Beast, and attack rate of the primary attack of the Pal increased by 20%.
  • Eldrak Pal +20% damage & +20% range for the special ability
  • Offensive Beasts stats increased in every hero level
  • Added 2 extra battles to Ninja events (at level 18 it is now +3 instead of +2, and at level 21 it is now +3 instead of +2)

Thank you,

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team 

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Heya crew,

Some clarification with regards to the change to the Mass Hysteria Confusion effect.

Previously there was a mismatch between what was written on the card, and what actually occurred in game. For example, if the card stated 10%, the actual in-game effect was more around the 50% mark. Now the same card should state 20%, and the actual in-game effect should match that rate.

Sorry for any confusion, and hope this helps!

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