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4 minutes ago, Heptathalon said:

I am running the game on my iPad and have yet to get the update in the App Store. I’m also prohibited from getting in the game until I get the update. HELP!

As I have said in the general discussion, California and some other states do have an issue with it. Try using VPN or changing your billing address in the appstore, it helps sometimes. Else you can use a Crapdows/Android device for now

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54 minutes ago, Heptathalon said:

Can I delete the app and reinstall? I’m afraid of losing my data.

If you lose your data, support can recover your account. However, they don't work weekends so you would have to have the issue resolved with them by the close of business tomorrow. It's very likely that you would miss war.

I would just hold on tight. People are reporting that the app update is starting to make its way around.

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