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Flaregames I'm disappointed

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I play 1 year in Royal Revolt 2 and Evoker , i like this game. I reset all settings in the phone because it's turned off. Restore the progress in RR2 no problem (i have cloud and Sign in through Facebook).

But I want Restore the progress in Evoker and And wrote in support of flaregames and that's what they told me :

Chris E (Flaregames)

Feb 1, 9:17 PM CET

There is no account by the name of "ruf" there are zero matches to that name or "Ruf"

Sorry that this is then ,I attach the photo and What do I do next, support is not written.

VK_Saved_Photo_ 636531175453160754.jpg


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34 minutes ago, REVOLTROYAL said:

Why are you writing in  "Royal Revolt 2" section and not in "Evoker" section?

As he put it is because the evoker forum is dead. It is the best way to get attention. Although, I would think the Off-Topic forum would be the better place. Adminisrators and Moderators visit that and check things out

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Guest flaretara

Heya @ruslanlug! Apologies for the frustration. You should have received another response from our customer support team about this issue. 

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