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Running with swords -Lvl40 Alliance--English speaking

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Running wirh swords is currently taking a pause in upgrading the alliance and preparing for 4.0 by recruiting until we have a full alliance of active players.

Current continuous boosts: knight, archer, cannon and barricade.

Boost added for war: Holy paladin

Many current players of Rws have been here for over a year, we are a solid team and look to max our members. We look forward to having YOU as part of the team!

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Running with swords has 7 open spots and would like to invite small alliances to merge with us. I guarantee a respectful, friendy and supportive atmosphere for all players. We are looking forward to 4.0 and its possibilities for excitement and growth.

If you are interested, send a friend request to my general, Trunnion, and he will gladly answer any questions. Thanks.

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