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Ninja Tiers

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1 minute ago, AwesomestKnightest said:

I enjoy playing the event also, but it's not random, it's the same stinking bases every time. I wish there would be more of a variety in these event

I film the last 6 stages everytime and trust me, the bases are not the same every event. They've been changing (almost) every event recently.

They're not drastic changes, each island has their "thing" (arrow towers at 26, bomb towers at 28, etc), but the path and tower placement changes a bit.

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2 hours ago, ARREBIMBA said:

Well there's a first for everything, so here I am: I really enjoy the ninja event. The last ninja event I was in the 4500+ tier for the first time and I really liked it. It was a good challenge scroll free.

The last 6 stages are great. The previous ones are fine too, since I use a weaker set (luck gear).


@cr1 try to beat the 5600+ tier without scrolls. That'd be a challenge. But as soon as you scroll, the dificulty goes down really fast.

I dnt need my own challenge. I need competition with others top. Thats why i dnt feel i need use all tricks to make my raiding challengable. 

Btw its not so matter, 15 k pearls and free ubers are good too

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3 hours ago, ARREBIMBA said:

I get what you're saying, but even if an experienced and uber forged player like you needs to scroll multiple times to beat the 5600+ ninja tier... it seems hard enough already.

Yes i need to spent like 6 scrolls to beat whole 30 islands. Its seems really hard enough)

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