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Unable to view player

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During my Boss Hunt, I randomly clicked on my name in the ranking, and was surprised to see a window popup that showed what my character currently looked like, which abilities I was using, and which pet. Rather cool feature. I proceeded to check everyone else, to see where they stood on level/gear/etc.

Except for 1 guy. I am unable to view him at all, no matter his placement in the leaderboard. At first, I thought it was just a glitch, but now I'm not so sure. He's moved up to 2nd, and I've restarted my game/phone, and I'm still unable to view his character at all.


'old man' in attached image.

Is this a known bug? Unable to view random players? I've tried searching google, but couldn't find the right keywords to bring up a similar posting.


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There are two possibilities.

First, if the person trying to see is not updating the client.

The second case is when the person trying to see is using the Windows version client. Because the Windows version client has not yet implemented its function.

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