Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

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Hello everyone! :) 

As you all know the trivia has ended and rewards will be shortly delivered. However, I would request the following participants to kindly specify the needed details in Private Message to me, @KKStar, by 12 pm GMT, Sunday, 18th March , 2018 in order to have rewards delivered.

@Abhijeetn06 GIVEN
@matijagric84 GIVEN
@dikkejonas Game and IGN needed.
@purwa1 GIVEN
@ALVARADO Game and IGN needed.
@jainyash605 Game needed.
@Sahilpatoliya Game and IGN needed.
@Alexandro2509 GIVEN.
@lena1991 GIVEN
@Erikhjunior GIVEN
@EnmaDaiOh GIVEN
@ruibaterajr GIVEN
@Luizfco GIVEN
@fishmonger GIVEN
@Sournois GIVEN
@FireFrost GIVEN
@Saksham1998 GIVEN
@Duddi GIVEN
@Psychokill GIVEN.
@Andicitho12 GIVEN.

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Thanks for participating in the trivia event. :)

Here is the answer key in case you would want to have a look at it -

1. Skeleton. Almost everyone got this one right, pretty easy to guess it, right? ;) 

2. Southampton. Southampton was the answer, some did confuse it with Stoke City, whose player (Asmir Begovic, 91.9m) scored the goal, against Southampton.

3. The primary differences were - i) Number of players, ii) Equipment used, iii) Rules, iv) Surface and any other acceptable differences. Almost everyone got this spot on! :) 

4. Knight. Also known as Horse, informally. Only the following pieces can give checks, Queen, Rook, Bishop & Knight (Pawn is not a piece) and the King can never give a check because it itself walks into a check while doing so, thus illegal. If Queen, Rook and Bishop are not guarded by any other piece and are on adjacent squares to the King, they can be captured without any harm. Only the Knight cannot be captured by the King itself because it would take 2 moves to do so. 

5. Shooting, Swimming, Fencing, Equestrian & Cross Country Racing. I guess no doubts on this one, alternative terms were accepted. :) 

6. Malaysia. They've earned 7 silver medals and 4 bronze, total 11. They still lack a gold medal, thus Malaysia was the answer. As stated in the clarification, it was to be answer for all events combined and it was NOT about one specific event.

7. Bombay/Mumbai. Mumbai (formerly: Bombay) is a domestic based upon the city of Mumbai and participates in Ranji Trophy, named after Ranjitsinhji. Ranji Trophy established in 1934-35, has seen Mumbai win the title 41 times. Only New South Wales, based in Australia competing in Sheffield Shield has won 46 times, however quite a lot of wins came in the time when there were only 3 competitors, itself, Victoria and South Australia. Thus, as stated in the question, minimum 4 participants, Mumbai won maximum titles. Yorkshire had also managed over 30 titles in the English County Championship. Note, Mumbai was not supposed to be confused with Mumbai Indians which is a franchise based team playing T20s in the Indian Premier League. Bonus Fact: Mumbai had managed to enter the finals 46 times, and won the final on 41 occasions ;). The winner of the Ranji Trophy competes in the Irani Trophy where the winner takes on Rest of India in a single first class match. Mumbai has 15 Irani Trophy titles to boot as well, featuring 29 times in the final. 

8. Martina Navratilova. Sincere apologies on this one due to the ambiguously worded question, thus everyone who took an attempt were rewarded full points. Steffi Graf was for singles, whereas Martina Navratilova for doubles, featuring in finals for 16 consecutive grand slams.

9. London and Mumbai. The Iconic Lord's in London was the host of ICC World Cup Final for 4 times and is slated to be the host of the Final in 2019 as well. The Oval Ground also in London had hosted the Final of Champions Trophy twice. The Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai had hosted the ICC World Cup Final in 2011, and Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai as well had played as a host to the Final of Champions Trophy Once. Both cities had to be mentioned.

10. FIFA World Cup 2002. Japan and South Korea. Both nations had to be mentioned and the year as well. 10 venues in each country, totaling 20 with 20 host cities. This was the maximum and more than 1982 Spain where there were 17 venues. ;) 

@Dad King 100 Sadly I hardly know anything about the popular sports in America, I'd fare terrible if was a participant :P.
@Ebweb It all depends on the way one looks, some countries have many states, thus most players are distributed whereas in some countries, there are few states so higher chances of winning! :)  But yes, traditionally, Mumbai has been a cricketing stronghold. ;) 
Apart from that, a sincere thanks to all for the kind words as well! :wub: 

As stated in the above post, gems will be soon delivered! It was great to host a trivia after such a long time, and I hope it was fun! :) 

Take Care!

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