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12 hours ago, Warriornator said:

for new players what kind of game is this? slow,medium or fast? I play on Ipad and because i play demanding game who drain fast my battery. 20 mins per day is enough?

I don't play yugioh, but I do play magic the gathering. So I know a bit about CCGs. The thrill of formulating a strategy with a dealt hand....

The pace of this game depend also on expectations, but is mostly slow for new players. Along the way, players get access to better cards and more mana and stamina, and the game picks up pace. 20 mins a day is just right, unless one get hooked into it. 

Reason I like the game is I have better control of my time and everything I need is on my device. Player vs player and quests are readily available and I don't have to sort through piles of cards. :)

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On ‎3‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 4:08 PM, kr0t said:

hello! help me please to understand situation. i have card "slave medic" with ability to heal each of neighbors by 384 points per round. after opponent atack one neighbor card had -211 points, but was healed just only by 211, and has died as result, while other  neighbor card was healed correctly by 384. so why fist neighbor was not healed by 384 points? thank you.

In this scenario its possible that the neighboring card to your slave medic may have taken some damage from a 'damage reflecting card' (such as will o the wisp etc). Note that healing cards will not heal neighboring cards that have taken reflected damage!

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