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$$-->Just Opened a few spots in KREATOR alliance TOP 300!<--$$

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Second time recruiting from on here, let's see how it goes!  Just cleaned house a bit from some inactives and looking for a few good new recruits!

**We have THE MOST active leaders in the game I'd say.  He has >4300 trophies, lvl 122, and spends lots of REAL cash to help our alliance.  Which in turn gives US ALL free chests, lots of boosts, and other benefits like LEVEL 8 OGRES!  We activate more boosts than most other alliances (see below for list)!!!


Our Alliance Stats

Alliance Name: Kreator

Current Members: 47/51

Gold Bonus: 40%

Alliance Level: 46

Current Rank: #299

Our NINE Elite Boosts ALWAYS active:

-Blazing knight

-Tough barricade

-Power Archer

-Holy Paladin

-Frost Trap

-Stunning Ogre

-Range Bomber

-Storm Cannon

-Raging Wolf


Your Requirements to Join: 

Level 60+ and BE ACTIVE, we have minimums for weekend wars/events which all must hit or you will be booted.


Any questions, please message me in game @ Rocky969

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