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ors gear and forging 1 Level identification on items

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Hey guys, 

Started playing about a few months ago and love the game!!!

Few suggestions that I think would be very usefull/helpfull  

Item number on gear to identify what ascension level it dropped in. Item # or gear level. 

And to be able to view all gear in 1 menu.  Like an "all inventory" tab.  This game requires quite a bit of inventory management and it woukd be great if you only have to go to 1 location to do that.  

A health bar somewhere were we have a clearer view.  Sometimes when there's alot going on on the screen you can't see your characters health. 

Great work guys!!


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Good idea+1. Also, recommend adding a filter (could be by hero or body part), I think this is useful to find armors when forging. Especially those who buy titan chests for a hero and want to use the unwanted armors for forging.

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