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Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

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hades_death.pngHe's finally gone too far!


After many months of dealing with Hades' smug "holier than thou" attitude, I've finally had enough.

As I did for his brother over a year ago, I'm now placing a bounty on Hades' head. Show me a video of your defense beating Hades and I’ll give you a reward.

Signed -

Captain Morgan















Challenge Rules:

Note: please ensure you adhere to all rules, otherwise you will not receive a reward.

  • The aim of the challenge is to build a defense which prevents Hades from destroying the Gate of Apollo.
  • Each participant must submit a video which is still online at the time of judging.
  • The video must show the player selecting "Test Defenses" on their own Mount Olympus. The rewards will only be given to the username shown in the "TEST YOUR DEFENSE" screen.
  • Autoplay must be activated before entering battle, and Hades must play entirely in Autoplay once the battle has started; no additional actions can be taken by the player (including spawning units, using spells or invocations, or switching offense/defense mode), except to resurrect Hades in the (unlikely) event of death. If Autoplay is activated only after battle is loaded, you will not receive a reward!
  • The entire battle must play out at normal speed, battles with fast-forward active will not count!
  • The player may choose which spells and units to equip, but all available slots must be filled.
  • Blessings may be active.
  • If Hades dies, he must be resurrected.
  • In the event of multiple successful videos, the person with the lowest completion percentage will be declared winner.
  • Every player who manages to complete the challenge will receive 500 Gems.
  • The defense which defeats Hades with the lowest percentage will instead receive a 1500 Gem prize.
  • Anyone who manages to actually kill Hades for me and stop him destroying their Gate of Apollo after he resurrects receives an additional 3000 Gems.
  • All entries will be visible once the deadline has been reached. In the meantime, you will not be able to see other players' submissions.
  • Deadline for submission of videos or broadcasts is high noon on Friday 13th April (12:00, GMT+2).

Please upload the video to the site of your choice (Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and post a link in this thread.

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After 3 hours of pure statistical hell, I claim that it is impossible to do any better given my stats, level and towers. 0%, 2 death of hades and the guy ends up right in front of the portal that spat him out 3mins ago. If only this coward wouldnt run that fast and had a lower range on his basic attack... Alas, gonna try again with the war buffs and see what happens. Infamous out.


Edited by Infamous

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簽 -
















Ç hallenge規則:

注意:確保請您遵守  所有 規則,您否則  將不會 收到獎勵。

  • 挑戰的目標是建立防止哈迪斯摧毀阿波羅之門的防禦。
  • 每位參與者必須提交在評判時仍在線的視頻。
  • 視頻必須顯示玩家在他們自己的奧林匹斯山上選擇“測試防禦”。獎勵只會顯示在“測試您的防禦”中屏幕顯示的用戶名
  • 播放自動必須展示展示展示進入戰鬥之前啟動,並且一旦戰鬥開始,必須閻王完全使用自動播放; 沒有額外的動作可以由玩家(包括產卵單位,使用法術或調用,或切換攻擊/防禦模式)作出,但在死亡的(不可能)復活閻王。如果自動播放僅在戰鬥加載後激活,您將不會收到獎勵!
  • 場戰鬥整以必須  正常速度進行,進快戰鬥  不會計數!
  • 玩家可以選擇裝備哪些法術和單位,但所有可用的空位必須填滿
  • 祝福可能是積極的。
  • 如果閻王死了,他必須復活。
  • 如果有多個成功的視頻,完成率最低的人將被宣布為獲勝者。
  • 每個設法完成挑戰的玩家將獲得500寶石。
  • 以最低百分比擊敗哈迪斯的防守反而會獲得1500寶石獎。
  • 任何設法為我殺死哈迪斯在他復活後阻止他摧毀他們的阿波羅之門的人將獲得額外的 3000寶石。
  • 條目所有將在截止到達日期後顯示與此同時,您將無法看到其他玩家的提交內容
  • 提交截止日期的視頻或廣播是如日中天上週五13 四月(12:00 GMT + 2)。


Edited by LUNG
video upload : https://youtu.be/qfAMySkM_M8

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Where online do we post them, the limited file size of 4.88mb isn’t going to be large enough for a video. I can compress my video down to 19mb which is still to large to be attached.

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