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Olympus Rising Birthday Challenge - The Brothers' Revenge

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9ZlY0QcLnw HAPPY BIRTHDAY.......... MY NIC NAME IS δέουσα,iam greek and its a greek name.i send you the link for the gem contest.....

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On 5/11/2018 at 1:44 PM, Infamous said:


To all those who wonder how to record a video and @Doombringer90  specifically. You can use Fraps or Bandicam to record a video of your PC. There are many PC players here who also do not have a built-in recording function, unlike IOS or Android, yet they participate regardless. It is very easy to get one of those recording apps, should you have a desire to participate.

Also, I am not entirely sure whether you guys have to use hosts such as youtube or google drive since the forums were updated ro 4.3, meaning they can support video formats from now on. Nevertheless, if you ever wonder how to share a vid with the team, upload it to youtube or google drive, make it public, obtain a working link and share it in your response here.


@Warriornator and @Prometheus suggested there are easier ways to record video on Windows apparently, so the following text is entirely the courtesy of theirs. Guess I am somewhat outdated with my "good-old zeroes" methodologies. You can also use a "Win+G" combo during the game to summon some sort of a recording suite built in Windows 10. Another iteration of this method uses an Windows Game DVR (Windows icon + ALT + R) to conduct some sort of video recording magic. Ah, you can also use AMD Relive or NVidia Experience with Shadowplay, whatever those are.


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