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Olympus Rising Birthday Challenge - The Brothers' Revenge

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Dear CaptainMorgan,

here’re what I did. My in-game-name is  "isjerryhuang1".

Please check this video first,

 which I killed Zeus at 13% and then Hades at 13%, too.  But I didn’t have the Olympus Mount. in the beginning of my video recorded (where the screen I press the crossed sword icon to enter the testing screen). If this one is valid and follows all the rules, I will be happy to get the award according to this video.

But if the above one is not OK, please check this one instead. 

 in this one I killed Zeus at 16% and Hades at 13%, and I had the beginning of this video from my Olympus Mount.

 Thanks for offering us the chance for this challenge. Happy birthday! Cheers!!

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Added my in-game-name "isjerryhuang1"

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