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4.0 - Teaser video discussion

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@CaptainMorgan, really loved every feature of olympus rising version 4.0 and thank you for making the game amazing but I don't understand the need for multiple sets for all heroes ???.I only need Different sets options for hero that I am using as a Defender and for other heroes having one set of euipments is still good.

And is it possible that can you introduce the option of changing IGN like once in a month?

I can the name of an alliance but why can't I change my IGN?


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I hope so. I’d be really disappointed if it’s was 6 weeks with no breaks. 


Edit: unless some of the formats are EXTREMELY different from the previous war can can be played more or less on an individual player’s schedule, like the odyssey. So no setting an alarm for 3 in the morning to try and win an island, that sort of thing. If there’s a very casual mode or two I’d be fine with no breaks. I don’t really see them able to implement that well, though. I’d rather just have breaks. 

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