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Videos doesn't give reward

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39 minutes ago, FLORIN said:

Its not certain yet, video will be fixed in 4.0.

They said nothing will be done until then.

Cromka should always be ignored, unless you really want to make fun of him, but it's too easy.


8 hours ago, GalaMorgane said:

Hello there,

We made a public announcement in regards to Windows video ads. It won't be fixed until 4.0 which is planned to come out end of July.

I know this is not the idea answer and not what you would want and I understand the frustration and I'm deeply sorry about that.

However, once 4.0 will go live, a fix is implemented to counter this issue.

Many thanks,


Gala answered in another thread. It's already fixed but it won't be release until 4.0. 

It's hard to follow this saga since there are way too many thread created about it and the informations is spreaded troughout  all of them.

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