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Normally Blacksmith are 2 days. If the new cycle of event are 1 day. Its sad.... I think I don't have got much from this event. the only way to have get a lots of pearls from it its if you have the possibility to boost it. If max it with all 8 slots unlock. Without that. I don't like 1 day event so useless

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Yep.  1 day was frustrating and I was unable to melt much of the gear I'd been explicitly saving up for melting during the Blacksmith event.  Pre-melting the day before helped a bit, as did getting up just prior to the end of the event (~2am) to collect pearls, but nothing would beat just having a minimum of 2 days for the event.

Oh, here's a totally random idea that I don't think I've seen before.  Add 'event boosts' as an additional War Season reward.  So, in addition to the various unit boosts, by winning a war season your alliance could get a Blacksmith/Offense/Defense/Alliance Tower/etc event for the same duration as the rest of the boosts.  :) 

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