Have a good weekend

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Thanks and have a good weekend. 

Plans! Actually it never works for me. Anyway I wanna do the followings this weekend.

I will be busy with physics cause i can't stop studying it cause that is love. In free time will again edit  wiki pages and destroy some RR2 bases :D. And also i will cook some new dishes on Sunday. Join me for the lunch that day, it will be great.

What about your plans ?

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Thanks hope you got a good weekend

Nothing special. I have finish to play Doom (2016) on PC Saturday. Also Saturday I was busy with the faction Feud in WWE Champions on Ipad. Sunday I have finish to do the feud and in evening I have watch WWE Hell in a Cell who was very disappointing :( 

Today just relax on my bed, close my eyes, open my ipad and Spotify and listen music during 4 hours.


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What do I do? I sit back all day and enjoy some awesome American Football! Drink some soda, have tons of fun snacks, get some sleep, get up on Sunday morning, go to church, get back, more football, and then realization that the weekend is over, kicks in

Every weekend is fun for me ;)

Glad to hear that have gotten over your sickness @Madlen! Looking at a computer screen is the last thing you want to do with a headache lol. Have a great and healthy next weekend!!

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