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general begginers advice wanted!

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hey there, I'm new to the game...and while it was really easy to get up to Commander Lvl 5, it's a grind since then. I don't mind a grind...but if tips and advise for optimizations and such could be given, they would be greatly appreciated.

biggest issue I'm having now is my rigs are getting lambasted by the NPC...so I've started to focus on leveling up my rigs and expanding their weapons, but they're bloody expensive...and with them losing the battles I get into, I'm not really getting anywhere.

being I have only invested two/three days, I've almost thought of restarting and just focusing on upgrading my rig ranks/weapons rather than upgrading my buildings/defenses, like I had been.

thoughts? recommendations?

thank you very much! :)

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I cannot help much. My style about this game was only based on defense. My base was close unstoppable and allow me to keep my resources and up all max. I have reach max at 30 and stop.

I have never use the offensive feature. Because that was not necessary after unlock all mech. the concept its not bad but I think its the main reason why superweapon have quit this game after 6 month and abandon it

Defensive Style

1.Use building to make defensive weapon in your base dangerous to make you win all. Laser with range, One building can slow the rigs,etc.. so use it at your own advantage

2.Sorry long time ago I don't have play this I forget the name. The special thing you gain credit in defense allow you to use them and up your building and all at max

I remember I got over 20,000 in a week

Offensive Style

1.If I remember the little I play in this style. Keep your credit and buy the most dangerous weapon and max all your rigs.

2.Keep all NPC on the map and retry them non stop for infinite resources

this way you will reach Level 30 and max all

Good luck

PS : I think I will recreate a new account and rebuild video on my Youtube Channel. Not about Offensive but Defensive like I did the first time. Maybe can help some of you


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Hello, my advice is never to level up before you have fully upgraded all your rigs, both from the level and power ups. Always give first priority to them compared to your base ... You can wait, also because if you have the strong Rig you win and you can combine resources ... If not, you're noticing ...
Another detail having the base not updated and therefore weaker as a result never leave the resources, use them to buy components of the Rig in the Hangar ... So if you just need to resell it and get Plasma and Credits ... Of course you only recover one 1/5 of the value expended, but so you can have the necessary sources at the right time ... Always better to let them and to accompany the first attack the opponent takes you away ...

Then you see if you want to start from another account or continue with this, however reading your Level (5) you are still in time to recover the situation ...

I hope these tips can help you Happy Game !!! :)

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