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Unintended Behavior When Forging/Refining Uniques a Second Time in a Level

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On 11/14/2018 at 11:58 PM, dumpster said:

Ok, I agree with you that they kept a lot of options open when they added the unique refining (good), but they also introduced a bug. It should be possible to continue to upgrade uniques every ascension level once for bronze, once for silver, and once for gold, if you choose to go in that order (or you can skip right to gold level and reach the same values). It should be possible to swap perks on a unique that's already silver or gold refined, using another silver or gold 5* titan, but the max values for that level and those perks should be maintained, not improved or reduced.

I agree that it should be an option to upgrade when perks are there already (when you have refined). And also to change them. That's why I suggested further use of the double uniques for this purpose. Not easy to change perks and such, but to upgrade or remove, it should be possible. I believe it works exactly as it should on all other aspects.

I don't think its wrong to use a bronze on a gold item... I am thinking of it actually to boost my physical on my gold refined shield on Cadmus, which I dont want to use anymore actually... because I might want to use a gold on level 150 to refine it again... but in the meantime, its getting out of date in 1-2 levels. (so at 140). But the investment on 131 has paid off... Been using it since with his AP.

On 11/15/2018 at 11:05 AM, Marinien said:

Archimides, you'll be surprised ?: the two shields are at approx at the same levels (not exactly the same but the levels are VERY close).

The base of Achilles shield is far higher than Athena shield because I refined it with a Gold-star item (you can see the differences in my examples when forging with Bronze-star or refining with Silver-star).

The problem is that I paid very expensive to have 2 more perks AND a higher base. But the higher base advantage is gone when I forge again. To keep the higher base advantage I need to dismantle a Gold-star item... It could be fine for me that way but why the cost doesn't depend on the item to dismantle? Using a bronze-star on Achilles shield costs 20M gold and 150K wisdom, while using the same item on Athena shield only costs 10M gold, the the results are the same! Do you find it normal?

To upkeep such a good item, it needs higher maintenance than a normal titan. I do agree that its too expensive to make a new gold and upgrade it, but it can't be a bronze either, because that is used for a normal shield. Otherwise it would be an exploit. If we can't agree on that, then we just disagree. Because if we agree, then again the solution is to modify it a bit what we currently have

The cost to make a gold, without max forging of course, since it don't matter on uniques is about 45 million and 640k wisdom. Not counting the dismantles there... especially titans, because most of the time it's the whole point. So whats a good figure? A 5* titan brozne and 25 million + 350k wisdom? Which is a bit more than half? I would accept that for example, but currently not possible. It can't be half or less the cost... everyone would just upgrade once and keep doing it... it has to be more difficult. That's how I see it.

We could sacrifice 15 titans in the name of the gods😁😁😁

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