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RR2 forum event - Winter 2018

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Recipe for making a snowman

Take An ice-cold fritz that you'll have driven long enough to get a big snowball. Add on this big ball, a smaller snowball made by the yetis. Put the little snowball on the big snowball. These steps are essential to start a snowman ^_^


  • On the little snowball:

Add two zombie eyes astray and a carrot for the nose (which the king has stolen from the donkey during his rest :ph34r:).

  • On the big snowball :

For the arms, nothing more simple: go to visit Olaf, squeeze him both hands at the same time, hold on and go running with his arms ^^ (post-it: do not forget to give him back).

Add the beautiful Granny jacket, a skeleton hat and, for the fun :lol:, an ogre's earring (to hang on the carrot if you wish)


Sprinkle ice with an ice-dragon, and the snowman is created :wub:


Warning: This recipe contains no cooking, under risk of getting MeltMan!


IGN : buttinette

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I would go not one but with 2 fellows from the game. Those would be Froster with his almighty dragon and a cute little fellow fritz. 


All of those creatures have their own business in making of that evil Santa's watch eye called a snowman.

Dragon is that crazy maker of the snowman, fritz makes details to it and Froster keeps sure that, there is enough of that annoying thing called a "snow"..


After this I give you (yes you who is reading this reply) a free opinion to continue this story in your own head, just use your imagination and make cool end to this..

Sincerely, Saitta (also IGN) from the game.. 

Edited by Saitta

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Vicious Bucky who had made three Easter Eggs would have shaped it as a snowman and finally add some delicious carrot on top like a nose.

Easter and Christmas in one. 

IGN: Eureka 2



Edited by Kate

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My king does not want to work for more than three minutes. 

Please let him say that his work will surely be seen as a snowman if he leaves 10m.


Edited by aslan

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1) What do mean eldrak that you have never seen a snowman?

2) I come from a very warm place, can you build me one?

3) Absolutely eldrak I will build you the best snowman.

4) Blacksmith you want to forge a crown?  Granny you wanna buy a scarf? The king said Yes.

5) Thank you Fritz for helping me build, Fritz says my pleasure.

6) How is the Snowman Eldrak, Eldrak says WoooooooooooooooW he looks awesome.

IGN: Surviva





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I am Villhelm3 of HagenhiemAlliance! Thanks so much for this fun contest!!!

I would probably ask the rabbit (Bucky)🐰 or penguin pal (Fritz) 🐧 (who by the way throws snowballs) because, in the natural world and in the game, both those animals are the best (and the fastest) at digging or playing in anything involving snow. Being fast, they could easily decorate my landscape with hundreds of custom snowmen and snow forts! 

bucy.PNG.1b14aeadb2ab2f7efe30183add72c118.PNG          fritz.PNG.e3d979f115f10f423783540d700c959a.PNG

❄️❄️❄️I am imagining an impenetrable castle surrounded by hundreds or snow barricades, snowmen pelting the intruders with icy snowballs! LOL The undefeatable castle!❄️❄️ ❄️

I would not EVER use zombies (who are prone to losing limbs), mummies (they are dead, people! No sense of style!), and witches (they would probably make the snowman attack you! Bad for moral)!

Thanks! Have a great Holiday season!!!





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Hi there,

Thanks for all the entries! ❤️ So many snowmen!!! ☃️❄️❄️

  • The winner for the random pick is:

@KingThunderbolt4 - Congratulations, you will receive 1000 gems!

  • The winner for the funniest entry is:

@Tommy1709 - Congratulations, you will receive 1500 gems!

  • I decided to give extra prizes for creativity!

1500 gems also go to @Dena4, @buttinette, @Surviva, @yoyogi1895 Your entries were awesome!!

  • And because it is the holiday season - 500 gems for all participants (who put their IGN - some forgot - looking at you @Warmaster and @aslan ;) !)


I will transfer the gems in the course of today!

Enjoy the holiday season! ❤️

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All the gems have been transferred.

@Warmaster If you drop me a PM with your IGn, I can transfers your gems too. Next time, please make sure to write your IGN :) Thanks a lot!

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