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Attention! Please write your in-game name when posting in this forum and check the guidelines

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Hi guys :) ,

Bugs and technical issues are nasty :( We want to help you as fast as possible! For this, we need your help too!

We can help you faster if you give us your in-game name when you open a thread in this forum. This applies to all threads and comments made here. :)

Please open 1 thread for one bug! Do not mention additional bugs in a thread but open an extra thread for it.

If there is already a thread open for a certain bug, please comment that you are also affected by it, if it is the case but do not open an additional thread.

(There are even more helpful information you can give listed above the forum that can help us even more).

This can speed up the process tremendously because we will not have to ask for your username.

Thanks for your help and participation!

Have a good day!

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