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Seems my game is over

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Yeah they have abandoned all of their games. But you know I think its the mobile games who don't attract people anymore like in the past 5 or 6 years ago. today I think people don't play much on mobile. The majority of games I play same if they are news after just few month die pretty fast. Today people are busy with their life and don't have time to play video game on mobile.

The majority of video games on mobiles demand to be connected very often. so its not really a option for the majority of people.

Triple A games on consoles or PC are success because you can play when you want. Mobiles games you need close to be a no life to play them. So that why mobiles game die pretty fast and the majority never be over 4 or 5 years before die for good like Cloud Raiders and many more

Mobiles game have a lifespan of 4-5 years in majority. So every game Flare have created in 2014 have exceed their lifespan. They try to prolong RR2 and OR but its not really a success. Those games same with updates becoming in dead states more and more with all player stop playing

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