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Royal Revolt 2 Celestial Phoebe killing (Arblaster & Werewolf)

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Well, at higher hero levels arblaster/frenzy is no solution any longer. First hit from phoebe and most lower health troops are gone, even while shielded. At those levels you need either pro boosts like archer or paladin or WOK combo combined with heal ring. Or a Ceres beast due to pal flute.

This morning I had a very strange situation. For the record, player in question had no wolfs in defense. So I guess it was a bug. I used heal ring, WOK and shield spell. Ceres as pal. Pushed phoebe into the pack and I have never seen more heal puddles as during this raid. Ceres used spirit howl and phoebe got hyper (strange, Ceres should boost my troops, not phoebe beast). Even after wolf howl and constant slapping of knights and ogres not a single scratch due to constant healing. Knights vanished pretty fast. Heal ring kept some ogres pus wolf alive, so I summoned insta monks to keep hero plus monsters alive. 10-15 seconds later still no scratch and still going hyper. That was too much, a defeat since a long time.

According to me the number of heal puddles should be limited to 1-2 max active at same period of time. Like I said, complete path yellow with heal puddles is abnormal and unacceptable. Usually I don't have any problem with phoebe, but when after scream and many ogres hitting him still no scratch is done, I think something seriously is wrong. Now it could be a higher level phoebe, but still, why goes a beast hyper without any defending wolf nearby and why not a single scratch while ogres constantly are hitting him?

I think most players who don't have access to pro (level 3-4) boosts, hate phoebe pal. Defensive structures should make a base hard, not a beast. 

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