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Max Hero level

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i’ve reached the max level of 130 a while ago, is there any chance the future will bring a higher level?


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Hi Rick44,

Congrats on reaching hero level 130.

From the developer Q&A September:

On 9/28/2018 at 4:34 PM, Madlen said:

Question: What’s the goal of players once they reached hero lvl 130? Is Flaregames intending to increase hero levels?

Dev Team Answer: After players have reached hero level 130, there are goals such as Conquest Mode, Pro League, Leaderboard or simple the social aspect of the game. Currently, there are no short-term plans to raise the hero level, but if we feel there is a need to do that (for example through a thread in the forum), we can look into this.

I am moving this thread to General discussions /other. :)

Have a good day.

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i cn tell you, no more goal after you reached lvl130

it turned me inactive, just collecting free chests. i'm even too lazy to farm pearls now

wars and ninjas i still play, conquest as it goes (too mch politics as results are always agreed in top allies so no real fighting/contribution needed in conquests)


sooner or less i will totally quit whitout new hero lvls, as many others did as well on top

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