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in review Not able to connect to game

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I am having more and more problems with connecting to the game...this is a big problem during conquest.

I set my alarm clock for towers and techtree but cant connect...first it took me 5 minutes but it takes op to an hour now to connect???

My internet is fine...everything else works oke online...this is costing me a lot of time that we need in the conquest...are there more people facing the same problem??

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5 hours ago, Sasch said:

Hey Pommetje,

Could you please give us your in-game name so that we can look into the issue? Thanks in advance ;)

I think i found the solution to my connection problem....i adjusted the time on my tablet because im in a different country now...thats when the trouble started...i changed the time back and i can connected normal again😊

If its starts again i will let you know..but fore now its working good again😊👍

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