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Event bug or feature?

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As you can see i attacked 32/32 times and i only got 86.966 "Units" (for the first Place you need 87.000 units).

44 Units might not be very much but this bug create the diffence between (3k uber pearls, 9 golden chests and 5 Ninjas) and (2.250 uber pearls, 6 golden and 3 blue chests and 4 Ninjas).

I dont know if the devs know this "bug" or not. But I guess it shouldnt be like this in the game. The first time i notice this bug was 2 or 3 months ago.


As you can see there are many players that might have the same problem.

It might be a solution to set the Units to 87.000 if you solve the last stage.



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Be careful. I have do video about tier 1,500 and on a island I was so much focused to destroy tower that I don't have paid attention that I have left one spike trap. After look my video its was obvious. So when you raid take your time and look around carefully.

I know its not always a 100% precise indicator but just a little before reach the gate. Look carefully the upper screen if you see you have obtain 2 crown. That means you have destroy all before the gate. So next time watch this. I means before the gate because if you have it at the gate you have miss one thing and will obtain 99%

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