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join our alliance- chemPhD.

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[chemPhD.] - [level 25] - [English/little Spanish] - [Hero Level Req: 20]

Alliance Name: chemPhD.

Alliance Level: 26

Alliance Leaderboard: rank ~~(1250-1425)

Alliance fieldoms: 11

Gold Bonus: 18%

Alliance conquest tier: seasoned scouts (2nd lowest tier)

Alliance headquarters: 4; buildings 4-4-4-4

Alliance beast: 

  • Primal Howl
  • Primal Growl
  • Twisted Archimedes
  • Vicious Bucky

alliance leader name: equilibriumphd


Requirements to join:

  • A minimum donation: would be cool if greater that 50K but 10k+ is acceptable
  • We recruit people over 650 trophies
  • Hero level 50 and up would be cool; level 20+ acceptable
  • Throne Room lv 5+
  • Conquest:
    • Would be ideal to have the Quarry, Alchemist’s Laboratory, and Training Camp to lv1
      • Lv 3 and up would be cool

·         Help us to be an active alliance


  • Active boost for potential battle (war and conquest) victories
  • Active boost outside war and conquest just ask
    • Only if we have good donations to even activate


  • There are Rules
  • Like donate daily
  • And participate/don’t be inactive
  • Motto: no motto

------------------------------------------------------------------------Updated Feb 22

Edited by alchemistPhd
update info

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