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in review Rank Info doesn't work during Conquest Wars

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If we go to tiles that have wars happening and click on the "i" icon of a player's profile to see the info about their rank, that's what happens:

At first I thought it was a screen freeze, but we have to click on the same area of the "i" icon to close that pop up, or just hit BackSpace.
The Pop Up seems to be working fine on any other tile.

Also, there are some typos in the info, at least on the "Portuguese BR" version.

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Hey Darkerion,

Thanks for showing that to us. We are aware of the first issue that you have described and it has been already added to our database.

We also looked into the loca issue and, indeed, it occurs on the Portuguese BR version for Sergeants and Generals. We will also check that for the other supported languages. Thanks for pointing that out.

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